What is capital?

Any business resource that can bring income is CAPITAL.

Regardless of the field of activity chosen by the businessman, he needs capital to achieve the goals set before him.
CAPITAL is a set of material, non-material and financial resources, which, investing in the business and using it, the entrepreneur expects to constantly increase its profitability.
In a broad sense, entrepreneurial activity is the actions of a businessman with CAPITAL, which in case of success serve the interests and requests of various groups of the state.
At different stages of the development of capitalism, various resources acted as the main capital. land, assets on land and in land, real estate, pipelines, money, gold, social capital, number of subscribers in social networks, etc. e.

When properly used, CAPITAL can:

1. To convert one type to another,
2. To increase quantitatively and/or qualitatively,
3. Satisfy the requests of different groups of society at the same time.

By managing and multiplying CAPITAL, businessmen influence the quality and duration of life of the entire society.